Advising & Support

Mentors, academic support and career services professionals,  faculty, librarians, and more advisors than you can imagine.

Guidance to reach your goals

Students find support in lots of places. In addition to an AMP advisor and at least two academic advisors, you’ll discover your less-formal advisors. If you’re an athlete, your coach will be one. If you’re an international student, you’ll have another. If you’re in the Student Excellence and Leadership Program, you’ll have still more.

And then there’s everyone else who has your back. Your research lab supervisor, someone from the tutoring program, the volunteer coordinator at a downtown nonprofit, your campus work supervisor, the CELEB director, the choreographer for your dance troupe, the professor from the class you took on a whim, the librarian who helped with your capstone, the person who schedules late-night events in the Powerhouse… they become “your people” — guides along the way who often matter just as much as the advisor listed on your transcript.

Academic Support, Career Exploration, and More

Along with your faculty advisor and informal mentors, support resources at Beloit include:

  • Advanced Mentoring Program: From the AMP advisor who contacts students within hours after making their deposit to classes that develop their academic skills, intellectual and professional agility, and overall life talents such as effective communication, productive collaboration and creative problem-solving, this program keeps your college experience headed in the right direction for you.   
  • Career Accelerator: The Career Accelerator demonstrates Beloit College’s commitment to our students’ academic and professional development. For two weeks during winter break, we host a series of workshops, panels, and alumni mixers, so that students can plan a personal career trajectory, explore their strengths, connect with employers and graduate schools, and learn how alumni connected their academic interests with jobs and after-college experiences.
  • Career Works: Students begin preparing for their life after college as soon as they arrive on campus and throughout their four years until graduation. They work with our counselors to explore career and grad school options, engage in job-shadowing and internships, practice interviewing and networking, and discover connections between their academic interests and their future.
  • Learning Enrichment and Disability Services: Providing opportunities that enable academic excellence for all students, LEADS staff and peer tutors offer free academic support by appointment and with drop-in hours, as well as workshops that teach organizational and study skills. The office also offers a supportive environment for students with disabilities focused on providing equal access to academic and co-curricular activities.
  • The Writing Center: Whether you want to get a jump start on an essay assignment, take your writing to the next level, or revise a research paper, trained student writing tutors are available to give feedback and help you become a better writer.
  • Office of Student Success, Equity, and Community: This office provides targeted programming to ensure all students have an equitable, inclusive space and place to live and learn and that students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds can thrive at Beloit. 
  • Global Experience: Students looking for study abroad and domestic off-campus study opportunities as well as international students and scholars seeking resources and support will find support for exploring options and preparing for short-term as well as long-term experiences in the Global Experience Office. 
  • International Student Services: This office helps ensure that international students are in compliance with U.S. immigration rules and regulations. As importantly, it helps connect them to the resources that help them belong and succeed at Beloit College.
  • Library: Make research appointments with our librarians to discuss your research topic, class assignments, and point you toward information and resources that you can use for your academic work

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